Sandra TroyMeet plus size fashion designer Sandra Troy…

I know all too well about the everyday struggles with finding beautiful garments to fit and flatter the fuller figure. I’m a ‘plus size’ woman, designing ‘plus size’ clothing for ‘plus size women’ which means I have a unique insight to what women want and need when it comes to their clothing.

As you can see by my photo I’m a vivacious hourglass figure, with plenty of shape! My actual size is between a 20 & 22 – ideally I’d be a size 21!

Like most women, I am not a perfect size, however I have worked tirelessly to design Bloom Clothing to allow for these variances so you can buy with confidence. With every piece I design with the vision to ensure the garment does exactly what it should to a woman’s body – to make you feel the absolute best version of yourself.

I’ve been designing fashion for over 35 years and have owned several boutiques as well as being a wholesaler of my range into other stores including Smith & Caugheys, Zebrano’s and Previous Vessels to name just a few.

Mostly designing Bridal Gowns, Special Occasion and Ball Wear (sizes 8-24), with the addition of some plus size day wear – I have also designed and manufactured tailored suits for some of our ‘bigger’ sportsmen and at the opposite end of the scale have created many garments for body builders! Adding to that the many years I have spent making one-off garments for a large range of client – you can clearly see that designing is my passion!

In 2016 I embarked on my newest venture – Bloom Clothing. Bloom is an online only store offering a range of styles, in limited quantities specifically tailored to the plus size market, something I have a special personal passion for being plus size myself. Tiring of the inability to find designer clothing with that special touch, I turned my hand to creating beautiful pieces to make my fellow women feel that little bit more special focussing on the specialised touches on each garment. With each and every pattern and style chosen by myself personally (not to mention the level of effort I put into choosing those little details such as a zip or a button through painstaking rounds of samples before I’m 100% happy to launch it to you all), I can solemnly vow for the quality of the Bloom Clothing garments.

It has been great to get positive feedback from our customers and know that they are enjoying wearing the clothing I have designed. That is truly the greatest compliment any designer can be given.

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