This is a longish story so best grab a coffee and find a comfortable chair because it can’t be told in 300 words.

I grew up being the ‘bigger girl’ (more on this later) and along with my extra softness came breasts! Puberty came sooner than normal and along with that came bigger than average sized breasts as well.

As a teenager, I was aware that my friend’s breasts where smaller but it was never an issue until I brought my first bra. It was a size 34C. What seemed like almost overnight, bought me to the attention of boys. Never more so than on sports day when I had to participate, with what felt like, the whole school watching!

I left high school at 17 with my bra size now sitting at a size 38D. With some clever adjustments of the bust dart, I could fit a Vogue size 16 pattern (this obviously started my contemplation of a fashion career!) I never considered buying clothes, opting to sew all my own garments, as the off-the-shelf styles that fitted me were all designed for more mature women and didn’t match my style and personality.

As I hit my 20’s I became more aware than ever that my breasts were starting to define me as a person. Men would comment, brush against me or stare at my breasts while talking to me. Even fellow women felt the need to point out my obviously, well-endowed chest.
I think I knew every ‘boob joke’ going around.

Having said that my life was full and exciting. I had moved from New Zealand to Sydney, Australia, made great friends, had a fantastic job and basically just got on with life. My friends both male and female saw past my ‘boobs’ and just enjoyed the company of the happy, confident woman I portrayed. However, whenever life threw me a curve ball I would lament how much better my life would be without ‘them’.

Eventually I came to see myself as the full package. Pretty with long blonde hair, big tits, I could cook and sew – what was not to like? I was never short of male company, and before I met my ‘practice’ husband I had had two other sincere proposals! I was happy to lower my necklines and flaunt my assets. They certainly made for great tips from male customers at business lunches during my waitressing times. However, getting married did not stop the unsolicited attention, and my ‘practice’ hubby insisted on my being covered to my throat!

Two sons duly arrived and breast feeding was an absolute nightmare. I was huge and my poor babies got smothered. Unlike some woman who end up smaller after breastfeeding, I stayed even bigger still. I had to wear my maternity bras for what felt like an eternity as nothing else fit me and being the 1980’s we had very limited options and of course no internet to search further afield. Anything of a larger size was matronly and did not allow for a normal size back and what I did manage to buy, required a major re-fit to even make them remotely wearable.

Fast forward to age 31, I was once again single and soon to move back home to New Zealand. Finding myself back on the dating scene with even bigger boobs was a defining moment, so I started on a journey to have them reduced.

After seeing several male doctors, I finally found a female doctor who would not dismiss my claims of back strain, leaking nipple (due to the tightness of my bra) shoulder channels that cut into a neck nerve causing constant stiffness and dull headaches.

I recall my father once remarking that I should stop wearing a bra if they hurt so much and I replied that if I stopped wearing a bra I would have to add 10 inches to my waistlines! My father was totally supportive of my reduction and even offered to loan me the money however I was determined to explore other options.

Finally, in 1995 after much investigation I was put on a short list for Breast Reduction Surgery with the DHB. My surgery was to be used for training purposes for plastic surgeons and I was to be operated on by the head of that department. Win. Win.
Two weeks later I was contacted and had to visit Hutt Hospital for assessment. Less than two weeks later and I was back for the surgery. Win. Win. Win. I had struck the Lottery!

It changed my life! I went from a 42DD+++++ to a 36C. Woohooo!

Side note: If you would like a personal account of the procedure (no yucky parts) drop me a message and I will cover this in a follow-up blog.

I instantly lost almost 3 kg’s off my chest. I no longer had verandas. I could run without fear of injury. But best of all I became ‘normal’. I was no longer the butt of jokes. I no longer attracted unwanted attention. I instantly looked slimmer. Bra’s fitted, clothing fitted, no more aches and pains. My breasts no longer dictated who and what I was.

It truly was (and is) a happy ever after story.

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